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Advertising Agency

A Full Service

iQJEM recognizes that every business needs fresh leads in order to keep their business growing and moving forward.  iQJEM specializes in generating websites that generate leads for small and medium size companies.  iQJEM - Smart Marketing Solutions For Your JEM Of a Business!

You will want to be prepared when designing your website.  You will want to give the consumer an education and/or something of value up front.  This will build trust.  However, don’t give them everything.  You want them to give you something back for the rest of the information.  The consumer is looking for solutions to their problems.  You either have the solutions or you don’t.  The consumer has no loyalty to you or any of your competition.

​They want their problems solved at the most affordable price they can find.The selling and buying process have changed.  More and more people are moving away from the brick and mortar stores and buying more at the virtual stores on the internet.  Is your company keep up? 

You as a business owner need to find new ways to market your product and services, so that your consumers can hear your message through all “noise” out there.  Instead of finding your customers through mass advertising and email blasts, you now need to focus your marketing on “being found!”

And once you have been found, you need to develop a relationship with your customer so that they will continue to come back to you for your products and services.

Lead generation is the process of stimulating and generating a interest in your products or services, and compelling the consumer to fill out a form or to call you… thus generating a lead!

In most cases lead generation uses the digital channels.  So the bottom line is to point people to your website where there is a compelling offer, motivating the consumer to pick up the phone, or to fill out the form.  Recently we are seeing that more and more people are using social media to market to their consumer audience.  We have the skills, knowledge and the expertise to help you with your social media marketing and converting them to leads. 

As the internet continues to grow, we are seeing major shifts in the way industries survive.  In some cases, the industry doesn’t survive.  We have seen travel agents, insurance salesmen, and many other sales people fade away, as people can now “do it themselves” online.

​The real challenge is that there are so many people using the internet, emails, and social media to market their wares.  How do you cut through all that noise and get your message heard?  That is why we are here.  We can help you with search engine optimization, so when the consumer searches for your products or services, your website appears close to the top of the search.  Making it easier for the consumer to find you. ​

Then you want to make sure that your website is compelling enough to entice the consume to give you’re their information, or giving you the lead.  Once you have the lead, you have a serious prospect that you can sell your products and services to.  And then you will want to take the lead, and continue to market to them, and convert them into repeat buyers.  We can help you with this process as well.  You want to have people chasing you, rather than you chasing them, like we had to do in the past.

Today the buyer can do all the research and comparison on their own.  If you are not presenting the correct image online, you will lose the lead, before you even get started.  We have all seen the bad websites.  The average consumer will only spend 7 seconds on a website.  If you are not making an impact with your site, you are pushing potential leads away.

You want to have a site that offers the consumer value, and motivates them to give you their private information.  That is what we specialize in, lead generation!

You will want to be prepared with giving the consume an education and something of value up front.  This will build trust.

​However, don’t give them everything.  You want them to give you something back for the rest of the information.  

​The consumer is looking for solutions to their problems.  You either have the solutions or you don’t.  The consumer has no loyalty to you or any of your competition.  They want their problems solved at the most affordable price they can find.​

Think about car shopping.  How many people today go lot to lot, looking at cars, trying to find the right one.  Most people today will research what kind of car that they want, make and model. 

Then they will search the internet to see who has those makes and models and they will start to compare price.  They will find the shops with the best prices and go and look at those specific cars.  Some car deals never stand a chance to find that consumer, because they are ruled out at the beginning of the search. ​

​It takes a lot more effort to capture a lead than it does to keep the lead.  We can work with you to help you not only lead generate, but will help you design marketing plans to keep you customers.  We can do that with innovative email marketing, social media bonuses and many other types of customer follow up programs.   We have successfully helped others create, capture and keep their leads.  We look forward to helping you become successful with our various plans. 

The goal in today’s marketing is to become more of a magnet, and to attract your customers to your store, whether that is online or as a brick and mortar store.  You need to learn how to convert strangers and prospects into these leads.  We will work with you and help you to create the content you need that is both compelling and motivating to inspire the consume to give you their information. 

We work on helping you develop unique ways to attract people to your business.  To get the consume not only interested in what you have to sell, but to share their information with you, thus creating lead generation.  They need to warm up to you and like you before they meet you!

What are some things that you should be thinking about to help us help you generate more leads…  Can you offer your prospects coupons, a discount to try your product or service?  Does it make sense to offer them training or a course so they can learn more about your product or service and in return, you become more of an expert that they start to trust.

Can you create an eBook to give them, or show them a demo of how your product or service works.  We have more ideas at IQJEM to help you.  Don’t hesitate to call or fill out the form, and lets schedule a time to talk about what you want and need to keep your business moving forward!

IQJEM – Smart Marketing Solutions to show the world the “JEM” that your company is!

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