It's always interesting to me that if a business has an employee or sales person that is not a productive member of the team, the company won't hesitate to fire that employee.  Even though the company has invested in training and educating the empolyee.  If the person doesn't produce, they are FIRED!  With little hesitation!

However, if a website isn't generating leads, creating business for a company, generating revenue, the company will hang onto the website and the company that created it, in most cases, only because they had invested so much money in generating the website.  If your website isn't producing new leads daily for your company, if it's not generating online sales, if it's not creating new revenue for your business...  It's time to FIRE YOUR WEBSITE!  It's really that simple!

The Right Website Design Will Create Leads!

Did you know the average person will normally only spend 7 to 10 seconds looking at a website!  What does that mean to you?  If you do not make your site easy to navigate, visually compelling and have the information that the person is looking for, you just lost a potential client.

Business owners have spent thousands of dollars in the past having websites made for them, only to find out it was a total waste of money!  The site is confusing, hard to navigate and no real information.  Plus, it’s nearly impossible for the consumer to find.  It doesn’t show up in the searches when people are looking for specific terms.

At IQJEM – we create Smart Marketing solutions for you, with websites that are easy to navigate, full of information that is helpful to the consumers and has eye catching graphics and photos to keep your clients attention. 

Plus we work hard to make sure your site is optimized and will be found by all of the search engines, and ranked as close to number 1 as we can get it.  This means more visitors to your website, more leads for your business and more profits in your pocket.  We will make sure you get a solid ROI when you work with IQJEM!

We are a web design company that likes to specialize and focus on small and local businesses.  We have a talented design team who can help you have a creative, very clean and affordable website!

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