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Is Your Website Even Being Found?

So you have a website!  That's great! 

Are you generating leads and business from your website?

Or is your website sitting dorment on the internet generating dust?

Your Website Should Be Your #1 Lead Machine!

If you have a website, but aren't generating a steady stream of leads, maybe it's time to...


And let us help you generate a lead generation website!

You know that age old question... 

"If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, 

does it make a sound?"

I ask you... 

"If a website is on the internet, 

and no one sees it, 

is it really making an impact?"

You website needs to be found and seen in order for it to have an impact.  We can help you with a new website,

or re-designing your existing website! 

We are iQJEM - Smart Marketing Solutions for your JEM of a business!  For more information and a FREE no obligation website audit, fill out the form above or write info@iQJEM.com. 

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Your website, if done properly should be generating leads every single day for your business.  Is your phone ringing? We have the tools, knowledge and expertise to get you the leads that you want and deserve.  IQJEM is the smart marketing solution for your business.  Don’t forget that 75% of the people today are doing their searched on phones and tablets.  Is your website optimized for that?  

Don’t forget that 75% of the people today are doing their searched on phones and tablets.  Is your website optimized for that?  We not only will create a site for you that creates leads for you, we will make sure it is optimized for these mobile devices.

We can also optimize your website so that it moves up to page one on the various web searches (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)  You need leads to keep your business running, and you as a business owner might not have the time, skills or expertise necessary to create the website that you need.  And it is possible you don’t have the money necessary to pay the big companies to do the SEO needed to generate the leads you want.  At IQJEM we are also a small business and we understand the budget and marketing issues.

So we’ve created a program that will serve you, and yet not cost you an arm and a leg.  We will create a site that generates leads for you, and you only pay us as the leads come in.  If we don’t do our job, then you can fire us!  The best part about working with IQJEM, there are no long term contracts.  If after 3 months you are not happy with the results we have given you, you can let us know and cancel.

​This is truly a win-win proposition.  Don't wait too long, we will only be creating on website per business category in each market.  This will give you the exclusive leads to that market.
What if you want to expand your marketing exposure?  We are a complete local advertising agency.  We can help you with television commercials on the local cable network, print ads for newspapers and magazines, radio ads, etc...  we have the people and the tools necessary to help you get your message out to your target market.
You’re in business to make money, you need leads to be able to sell your products and services.  IQJEM is the Smart Marketing Company to help your business grow and profit. 
We can help you with your branding.  When people think of a soft drink, they think of a certain company…  that is branding.  When people think of a breakfast cereal and are standing in the cereal aisle they grab a specific brand.

​This is a result of those company’s advertising for years on television, radio and newspaper.  Now we have the internet to throw into the mix. 

At IQJEM we will create a marketing plan with you to help you brand your company’s name to your target market.   So when they are thinking of your product or service, they think of YOUR COMPANY!  That’s branding.

We can also help you generate more traffic.  With our services and tools, we can help you find the people who are looking for you. 

​Wouldn’t it be nice throughout the day to have the phone ring with people who want what you have to sell?  That’s what we do…  we motivate and point people to your business, and entice them to call you!  That is generating more traffic!

​The more traffic that you have, the better opportunity you have to make sales and close more deals.  We let the website and the various marketing tools create more credibility for you, making it easier for you to be able to close the deal.  

We will help you gather testimonials, pictures and video of work completed, and other tools to show the consumer what an amazing company you have, and how you can solve their problems.When you work with IQJEM, we can also help you reduce your marketing budget, while creating more business for you.  

Consider how much money you are currently throwing to the wind with yellow page ads, expensive websites, and other print media and advertising media.  Chances are your spending a lot more than you should and not getting the results that you want.  

Let us consult with you and talk with you about what it is that you want to accomplish.  Then let’s set up a budget.  Again, we have no long term contracts.  If what we are doing, doesn’t work for you, we can part ways.  Just like the old days, we like to work off a handshake and let our work be the proof.
Working with IQJEM, your Smart Marketing Solutions company, we will help you keep a constant supply of new leads and prospects calling you.  The systems that we put in place for you will be working 24 hours a day for you.  This will create a non-stop online presence for your company, which will increase your leads and branding.
This will help you increase your ROI, motivated leads for your business, people with their wallets open and ready to spend with you. 
We make sure that you are found.  We make sure that people know who you are, and we make sure you have quality leads!  What more can you ask for?  (OK, don’t be afraid to ask!)

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you market your business! 

IQJEM – Your Smart Marketing Solutions.  We are here to help you grow your business.  Let’s get started today! ​

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