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We've spent over 30 years in the advertising and marketing business.  Over time we have had to evolve with the mediums as well as the media!  The world has transitioned from a few television stations, newspapers and radio stations, to a world with sensory overload!

It is difficult for small and medium businesses to cut through all the noise and get their audiences attention. We create marketing plans that are not only affordable, but will generate leads that in turn should generate revenue. In other words, we create marketing and advertising that pays for itself.

There was a time when you could throw a website on the internet and generate leads and business. Those times are long gone. You need marketing and advertising that gets your audience to your website, so you can capture leads and generate business.
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iQJEM are marketing specialists who understand Online Advertising and lead generation.  The fact is, you need leads in order to grow your business.  Without fresh leads, your business will die a quick and sudden death.  Your website should be your #1 lead generation source.  Most people don't think about lead generation when they are building their website creation.  They are just trying to get something online, so they can put the URL on their business card. 

It's great to have a website, but if people are visiting it, if people aren't filling out the lead capture forms, is it really working for you?  You can throw money away with marketing and advertising trying to get people to your website, but if it's not a compelling message, then you might as well take a match to your money!  

Have you heard people advertise their websites on the radio?  In most cases, people have forgotten the whole URL by the end of the next commercial!  Sure the radio station will give you FREE radio production in order to generate your ad, but if your ad isn't generating revenue, then it really isn't worth all that much is it.  

You want and need a web design that is geared for lead generation!  A web page that is focused on lead capture, product information and product sales.  There are so many website design companies out there that are just kicking out "pretty" websites, but not really focusing on revenue generation!  iQJEM has a team of web designers and developers that can create not only pretty websites, but websites that generate results!

Companies today must have advertising, it's one of the things that can make or break a small and medium size business.  Today, the most effective advertising is online advertising.  People are moving away from spending thousands of dollars at television stations for television commercials and moving to streaming videos.  Streaming videos on Youtube, on Facebook, on Linkedin as well as video on their website.  We all know we need video's but creating a quality video takes a lot more than shooting a video on your phone.  

As your full service advertising agency, iQJEM will help you with your promotion, your marketing, your advertising, your written copy and helping you place all the media you've created in the proper marketing venue.  

There are so many ways to advertise on the world wide web, but the great news, it's not that difficult to expand your companies market from local to international!  You can sell to people anywhere in the work, with the proper placement with a web portal and a responsive website.

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