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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…
A Video Is Worth...   Priceless!
Video Can Create And Keep Interest!
Video Will Show Your Customers What Your Product Or Service Will Do
- Staff Training Videos
- Marketing Videos
- Streaming Videos
- Advertising Videos
- Commercial Videos
- Educational Videos
- eMail Marketing Videos
- Instructional Videos
- Point Of Purchase
- Informational

From Concept To Completition

iQJEM Will Handle All Aspects Of Your Video Creation!

There are a lot of things to think about when you want to create a video. It takes more than just turning on the camera and letting it roll. You want to think about what actions you want your viewers to take after watching the video, or how you want them to feel. This will take a compelling script written by a skilled script writer. We can then help you with storyboarding out the script to plan the shots, to generate the correct response from your viewers. We can also help you with finding the correct talent, scout the proper locations, secure the talent, locations, the crew and all the other elements to create a spectacular video!

When it comes to production, you want your video to stand out from all the other videos that are flooding the world today. Our team has directed videos from television shows, television commercials, infomercials, to training and marketing videos. We have worked with some of the best talent on the market and know how to produce a video that will generate the response and reaction that you want. We have access to the top camera operators, the best lighting team, as well as top drone, dolly and jib operators. We can also direct live events with multi camera and live switching capabilities! We have the experience and skills to create the best video for you!

Post Production
There's the famous saying by some directors… "we'll fix it in post!" At iQJEM our goal is to never say that, however, if we do need to fix it in post, we have the talent and the team to make sure it is corrected and flows seamlessly with the rest of the production. We can edit you show to help you get the results that you want. We have access to some of the best special effects artists, music composers and sound effects creators to help generate the response that you want from the views. iQJEM will handle all aspects of your video editing needs.

It used to be easy to distribute your video. It would normally go on one of the local television stations. Now, there are so many options, we want to make sure we pick the distribution channel that will reach your target market and generate the most response for you! Whether it's advertising on social media, like facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc. or a video that goes on your website. We can also help you reach and the local broadcast channels or cable outlet. There are so many options when it comes to distribution, we can walk you thru case by case and help you decide which will get the best results for your video creation!

Marketing Video
Game Designers Workshop

Marketing Video
Created For

Marketing Video
Created For Osmond Family Theater

Informational Video Shot Overseas For 
US Feed Grain Concil

Training Video 
Video Created For Illinois Farm Bureau

Television Show
O'Neills Family Outdoors

Drone Video
Some Of Our
Drone Shots

Trade Show Sample
VideowallCreated For A Vegas TradeShow!

Television Show
Sample Of Show Aired On "Outdoor Channel"

Television Commercial Commercial Created For Big Hunter Sports

The internet is allowing more and more opportunity for streaming videos and video production. There are all types of videos on the internet. In order for your business to stand out, you will want quality videos with strong content, to help you stand out from all the noise on the internet today!

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